Affinities in music

the musics of the world

Affinities in music
The musics of the world

  • Try to associate three terms with the following pictures. Don’t hesitate and write the term that first comes to your mind on the cards your teacher gave you.
  • Why does the interchanging of the terms makes sense?
  • Is there a connection between the four pictures? If yes, to what extent?
  • What is the final conclusion of the exercise we can draw? Which personal statement can you make?
  • Think about your day, in which situation do you listen to music or even play or sing it?
  • How would you feel about not having any music in your life?
  • Match and complete the presentation using further terms of the worksheet list.

There is music everywhere in the world.

It might be similar to the music we are used to, it might be completely different. Maybe some cultures even play music, you would never call music.