AMRC education program

Unit 1

Introduction to music education

This first unit introduces the topic of the notion „music education“ and gives few examples of methods used in the classroom in order to give students a deeper unterstanding of music.

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Unit 2

Affinities in music: the musics of the world

Unit contrasts the western classical music with the traditional music of asia and afghanistan.

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Unit 3

Introduction to the Music of Afghanistan

Unit gives a short overview of afghan music genres and notable artists.

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Unit 4

Traditional instruments of Afghanistan

Unit represents the following instruments: Rubab, Dilruba, Harmonium, Tanbur, Tabla, Ghichak.

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Unit 5

Saving and Revitalisation: The SAFAR Project

Unit represents the general alignment of SAFAR, including scientific approaches, concerts and notable artists.

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Unit 7

Elements and principles of traditional Afghan Music: Tala and raga

The Afghan traditional music would be unthinkable without the beauty of talas and ragas. This Unit illustrates these both principles and gives proper background information concerning the use, the structure and history.

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Unit 9

Structural analysis:
Rag Behrawi in Teen Tal as a model and archetype?

This unit contains the world first interacttive structural analyses of the composition "Rag Behrawi in Teen tal“. This composition can serve as archetype concerning the structure of „Naghma-ye chartuk“.

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